How long should a candle last

How Long should a candle last

Don’t you feel sad when your favourite scented candle evaporates? You are not alone. The time a candle will last depends on different factors. For example, the type of wax used, the size and type of wick of the candle, the candle holder, and even the wind speed in that location can determine the average burn time of the candle. So let’s see how long a candle should ideally last.

How Long Does a Candle Last?

Usually, candles with smaller wicks burn for eight to ten hours per ounce of wax, whereas candles with bigger wicks burn only for five to seven hours per ounce of wax. 

What about Jar Candles?

Candles that come in a jar usually burn for a long time because the melted wax gets accumulated in the jar itself, letting it last longer. Typically, a medium-sized candle car contains about 15 ounces of wax and can last for 65-90 hours. The smaller ones with 3.7-4 ounces of wax will burn for 25-40 hours. At the same time, the larger jars with a 22-ounce wax candle can last as long as 100-150 hours.

Pillar and Taper Candles

The burn time of pillar candles depends upon the width and height of the candle. For example, a candle with a 3-inch diameter and 3-inch height can last for 45 hours. Similarly, a candle with a 3-inch diameter and 6-inch height can burn for 70 hours.


The taper candles tend to last for a shorter time. For instance, a 10-inch Yankee taper candle lasts for about 9 hours.

Votives and Tealight Candles

Votives usually have a 1.5-inch diameter and 2.5-inch height. They can last for approximately 10-15 hours. On the other hand, tealights are much smaller and can burn for four to six hours.

Do Candles Expire?

Yes, your candles can expire, but they don’t go bad as food or milk does. However, if you have had a candle for a long time, it will probably get discoloured or lose its fragrance. Sometimes, the candles get hardened when left for a long time and can be tough to light.

The ingredients used in making candles like wax, fragrance oil, and dye degrade over time, and the candle loses its vibrancy. When exposed to sunlight, the dye fades out and leaves the candle much less pleasing than before. They might also burn differently.

We recommend you use up your candles within 12-16 months after buying them. In case you wish to keep them longer, follow these tips to store your candles properly:

  • Keep them away from sunlight
  • Store them in a cool, dark place.
  • To preserve their fragrance, keep them away from places that emit a strong smell.
  • Your candles are very delicate. To help them last longer, wrap them up in soft, dry clothes before putting them away.

How Can You Make a Candle Last Longer?

Don’t want your amazing-smelling candle to evaporate quickly? Here are a few tips that can help you make your candles last way longer!

Freeze the Candles

If you put your candles in a freezer a couple of hours before lighting them, they tend to burn for a longer time. This is because the wax gets harder due to the cold temperature and raises its melting point, thus, making it burn slower.

Trim the Wick

Leaving a big wick means your flame will be bigger and make your candle evaporate faster. Therefore, we recommend you trim down the wick. Snipping the wick will keep the flame small and allow your candle to last longer.

Avoid Lighting Candles for a Short Time

Burning a candle for a short time can lower the life of the candle. This is because the wax in the center of the candle melts down, leaving the outer edges intact. So when lit again, the outer edge will take time to burn, and the wax near the wick will evaporate faster. Thus, we suggest you burn your candle until all the wax in the top layer has melted, leaving an even layer of wax.   

Add a little Salt

Adding a pinch of salt can add to the life of your candle. When you blow your candle, put a little salt in the molten wax and stir it using a toothpick. It will slow down the burn time of the candle when you light it the next time.

Keep the Wick Straightened

A bent wick burns faster. So, if you find the wick bending after you blow the candle out, straighten it out using your fingers after the wax has cooled down.

Keep Water Away

Never use water to put off the flame of the candle. Splashing water on the melted wax can change the consistency of the wax, and it will not light up smoothly later.

The Bottom Line:

When the candle burns out within a few days, you can feel miserable and downhearted. We hope our article has helped you understand how long a candle should last before burning out completely. You can follow our tips to extend the life of your candles and enjoy their candle for a longer time.

At Scandiscents, our luxury hand poured double wick candles last around 40 hours.

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