The top 10 reasons that wax melts are so popular

The top 10 reasons that wax melts are so popular

Are you someone that's not jumped on the wax melt hype yet and sat wondering, why are wax melts so popular? In this article we'll delve exactly into what wax melts are, and why they've grown in popularity in recent years.

What is a wax melt?

Wax melts are pieces, usually cubed shaped, of fragrant wax which melt when heated and release a strong aroma into your home. The scented wax is heated in a wax burner and then melts into a pool of liquid wax. The melted wax is then able to release the strong scent contained within the wax into a room and beyond.

Wax melts come in all different shapes and size. At Scandiscents our wax melts are created in cubed clamshells which then allow you to break them into evenly sized scented wax cubes every time. This ensures that you're getting the perfect amount of wax to fill an average wax burner with every use. 

Wax melts were initially created as a way for candle makers to use up any left over wax. Unlike candles which originated around 5,000 years ago, wax melts are a relatively new concept. Wax melts have increased in popularity in recent years and that growth shows no signs of abating.

Why are wax melts so popular?

1. Wax Melts sometimes have more burn time than candles

When thinking about the burn time of candles and wax melts, there are many different things that we need to take into consideration. The type of wax, amount of fragrance oil, flash point, and size of candle or wax melt can all affect the average burn time.

On average, a 16oz candle is expected to burn from anywhere between 60–84 hours. If you divide the max expected burn time (84 hours) by the number of ounces (16 oz), that breaks down to about 5 hours of burn time per ounce.

A 8oz packet of Wax Melts, which average 225 hours of burn time per 8 oz, that breaks down to 28 hours of burn time per ounce. This means, that on average wax melts do have a considerably higher burn time per ounce of wax.

2. Wax Melts are better for the environment 

Glass is one of the longest-lasting mad-made materials, and it is estimated that it takes a glass bottle 1 millions years to decompose! If you buy at least one 16-oz candle a month, in a year you could be contributing an extra 12 lbs. of waste to our nation's landfills just in candle jars alone!

Wax melt warmers are extremely durable, with one wax melt warmer lasting 4 to 6 years on average with proper care. If you opt for wax melt warmers instead of traditional candle jars, you could contribute to saving the environment 48 lbs of garbage—awesome!

3. You can control your scent better with wax melts

Wax melts provide a great way to manage the strength of the scent you are releasing as if you want more fragrance, you can simply add more wax melt cubes to your burner. It also works on the opposite, if the scent is a little overpowering simply put less wax into your burner.

4. Melting wax is fun

Wax melting can be such a fun way to introduce kids to science! Let them watch the melt change from solid wax to liquid wax and then harden as it cools!

5. Wax Melts are generally cheaper

With max melts providing 5x the burn time per ounce than a standard candles, your almost guaranteed to get more scent for your money when purchasing wax melts.

Wax melts are also generally cheaper as they don't require the container that a candle requires.

6. Wax Melts are calming

Wax burners come in an array of beautiful colours and just like ceramic burners with a tealight flame can be very relaxing to watch. Clinical tests have shown that a relaxing environment helps to reduce depression and anxiety.

7. They are more convenient than candles

Wax melts and wax melt warmers are more acceptable to use in the workplace, apartments, and other places where traditional candles with flames could cause difficulty.

Wax melting is also preferred by parents who are cautious of small children being around flames. Melts are convenient, because there is no requirement for matches or a lighter, and the wax melts themselves are compact and easy to transport.

8. Wax Melts don't generate soot

When you are using scented candles, be sure to be cautious of the soot they put out and its effects on your air. Over time, candles can cause discoloration to your walls and curtains and can stain the edges of your furniture.

9. Paraffin candles may contain Benzene

Many mainstream candle brands make their candles with paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is commonly used to make candles because it is generally cheaper to produce than soy wax. Unfortunately, because paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, there has been much debate over the health & safety of this type of wax. In 2009, a study by South Carolina State University found that burning paraffin wax may give off benzene. If you're unfamiliar with the risks associated with exposure to benzene, the American Cancer Society classifies benzene as a carcinogen, a substance that promotes the growth of cancer.

As Scandiscents our wax melts are made using soy wax.Derived from the soybean, soy wax is a vegetable based wax that is a much better alternative to old-fashioned paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum oil and produces harmful by-products when burned or melted.

10. Wax Melts are flame-free

 Decorative candles are cute, but the exposed flame poses a risk of catching something else on fire by accident.

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