Committing to a Sustainable Future

Our beautiful range of home fragrances have been designed with true Scandinavian values at its heart. The environment, sustainability, creativity and compassion.


All of our packaging is carefully designed and considered so it can be repurposed, reused or recycled. From the foam to the outer cardboard, our packaging is 100% recyclable and is designed to ensure our products arrive safely - reducing double shipping and our carbon footprint.


We work with our fragrances providers to ensure all of our scent oils are vegan and cruelty free.

What we believe

At Scandiscents we believe in taking a thoughtful and considered approach to making products that can not only take pride in our homes, but that are built to last. We work with only the highest quality, natural soy wax, with cruelty-free fragrances and clean burning wicks.

We take great pride in our product quality, and our sustainability first thought proccess.

We continue to develop and innovate our product ranges and packaging to ensure that we remove all plastic, with the aim of being 100% recyclable and re-useable.