Are wax burners safe?

Are wax burners safe?

Are you currently thinking about making the switch from candles to wax burners but keep thinking to yourself, are wax burners safe? The answer is yes they are completely safe, and in this article we'll delve more into exactly what wax burners are and how you can stay safe when using them.

How do wax burners work?

Wax burners are filled with wax melts that release their fragrances when they start to melt. The wax melts melt from a heat source which is typically below a dish which the wax sit in.

Some wax burners are designed to use a tealight whereas others are designed to use electricity as their heat source. 

The different types of wax burners

There are two different types of wax burners:

  • Tealight wax burners: Tealight wax burners use an open flame by the source of a tealight to heat and melt the wax
  • Electric wax burners: Electric wax burners are completely flameless and they use a incandescent light bulb to heat and melt the wax 

All wax burners are generally made from glass or ceramic.

Wax burner safety tips

The important thing to remember about wax burners is that they are made to get got, so we need to ensure that we don't leave a wax burner on all day. When using a tealight wax burner we recommend only using a 2 hour tealight. We also advise against the use of 4 or 8 hour tealights due to the increased heat that they produce.

Always place your wax burner on a heat resistant surface as not doing so could result in permanent marks. Avoid moving your wax burner with the tea light lit and always allow to cool before touching.

Due to the fact that tealight wax burners have an open flame, they can cause a fire if unused unsafely or incorrectly. We do not recommend placing your tealight or electric wax burner near flammable objects or on top of flammable surfaces.

The main reason why most people find tealight wax burners safer than candles is that the tealight is placed inside the wax burner and under a dish. So if you were to place it, say, near a window where your curtains hang it's less likely to catch on fire.

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