How You Can Use Hygge to Create the Life You Want…

How You Can Use Hygge to Create the Life You Want…

Many of us feel we are in a never-ending loop in our search for a better life, often experimenting and trying new things to find the ultimate balance.

However, our Nordic neighbours seem to be one step ahead. The Swedish call it Lagom, the Finns call it Kalsarikänni but for simplicity, we’ll use the Danish name, Hygge.

A practice born from letting go and letting live, Hygge encompasses accepting things for what they are – to bask in life’s simple pleasures and break free from the hustle and bustle, something we know all too well here at Scandiscents.

So without further ado, this is the Hygge…

What is Hygge? And Where Does It Come From?

Hygge is Nordic practice of finding calm and cosiness in simplicity. Many associate it with the idea of creating an atmosphere of calm and tranquility in your day-to-day life, or the present moment as we like to call it these days.

This unique concept can be found in households throughout Scandinavia, from the cobbled streets of Copenhagen, all the way to the stunning Norwegian Fjords.

Many have described the Scandinavian countries as some of the happiest on earth and there’s good reason for this when every soothing detail that Hygge encompasses becomes part of the Nordic psyche.

An internal acceptance of Hygge changes the way many Scandinavian folk view their external surroundings and the consideration of the little things in life make a huge difference to their mental well being.

Everything from home interiors to the way people socialise can all find its roots in the mindfulness that Hygge encourages.

When it comes to Hygge, environment is the key

As the trees begin to blossom and the sun starts to shine – the outdoors becomes ever more important to us. More commonly, people tend to practice Hygge in the winter, to combat those colder and darker months but it doesn’t mean comfort and simple pleasures should be reserved for the winter.

Whether spending your evenings watching over the sunset or inviting the family over for a barbecue – Hygge shows us that with a simple change of lighting or outdoor scented candle, we can make those moments more special and intimate for all those involved.

Our surroundings are not just where we are and what we have but who we share those moments alongside. Hygge allows us to connect on a much more profound level which our Nordic friends continue to employ all year round.

Hygge is for everyone and easy to do! 

Many philosophies of the world require us getting rid of things or even accumulating more than we can handle. However, when it comes to Hygge, it might be the easiest way of life to follow and even easier to upkeep.

The central tenets of Hygge are all about being comfortable with what we already have, nothing to lose and nothing to gain. It could be as simple as curling up in a blanket, reading a book, or cooking a hearty stew that warms the soul.

Modern life can be exhausting and hectic at the best of times and we often forget to touch base with what it really means to be human, what it really means to explore our senses. The wonderful nature that surrounds us or the aromatic fragrances that fill us with creativity.

We can only do this by bringing ourselves back to the present moment, be it, the smell of a reed diffuser blossoming in your living room or listening to the birdsong on a summers morning.

Focus on the details that matter most

Amidst our fast-paced modern lives, rarely do we stop to smell the roses, and if Hygge is anything to go by, then taking a moment of reflection is something we should all embrace.

Hygge can bring your thoughts back to the everyday little things and intricate moments, where happiness is not just considered a grand achievement; but instead finding magic in the ordinary and comfort in simple pleasures.

This could be;

  • A warm cup of coffee by the fireplace.
  • Getting stuck into a brain teasing bit of fiction.
  • Lighting a scented candle to arouse the senses
  • Taking a hot bath whilst the house is quiet.
  • Exploring new hobbies or even rediscovering old ones.
  • Spending time with friends and family.

It’s whatever suits you and makes you feel that little more comfortable among the madness of everyday life - sometimes, less is more.


Hygge seemed like the perfect solution but bringing that together was where we ran aground. Until one day, we realised that Hygge is not just found in those intricate moments, but it is how you augment that heart-warming Scandinavian state of mind.

Which is where our authentic Nordic homeware comes into play.

Through the unique aroma of our Fjords inspired scent candles to the calming aura of our Hem inspired reed diffusers – we bring the power of Hygge to you.

As international Hygge enthusiasts, our commitment to a grace paced life goes into each one of our unique home boosting products. Whether fireside chats with your loved ones or moment of meditation, let Scandiscents be your companion – for the here and now.

Nothing more, nothing less, allow the power of Hygge to guide you home.

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