The 8 Benefits of Burning Scented Candles in Your Home

The 8 Benefits of Burning Scented Candles in Your Home

The history of candles

Candles were once thought to be little more than a source of light. Scented candles were unheard of back then, and while it may have been the sole use of candles at the time, it was a very important one.

Candles have been used as a source of light and to brighten humanity's celebrations for over 5,000 years. Aside from that, nothing is known about their origins. How much we do know is that candles have progressed from a practical light source to a decorative item with a wide range of functions and benefits over time.

The ancient Egyptians are supposed to have produced the first candles, which were manufactured by soaking the pithy core of reeds in melted animal fat and using rushlights, or torches. The rushlights, on the other hand, did not have a wick, as we now expect from modern candles.

The eighteenth century saw the majority of the advancements that influenced current candlemaking. After scientists found how to properly isolate and purify the waxy component from petroleum in the 1850s, paraffin wax was introduced. However, following the development of electricity and the invention of the light bulb in 1879, candle production began to drop.

Even though candles are no longer our major source of light, their popularity and use are growing: candles are used to symbolize celebrations and romance, relax the senses, light-up ceremonies, and enhance the design of house decors. They quickly change the ambiance of any indoor or outdoor situation by adding light without the harshness of a bright electric bulb. With the rise in popularity of scented candles on the market, they've been known to generate a soothing environment and a sensation of warmth.

The Benefits Of Scented Candles

There are various scented candle brands to select from at Scandiscents. Learn about the advantages of these scented candles, which all include unique smells, packaging, and ingredients.

Here are some reasons why lighting scented candles in your house is a good idea:

Candles have several health benefits: Self-care and mental health are critical components of living a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, burning candles can assist in creating the appropriate environment for producing peace and a sense of well-being.

If you're ever overcome by dread or worrisome thoughts, consider lighting a candle. Several studies have previously demonstrated the stress-relieving advantages of aromatherapy candles. Some of the other health benefits are more obvious such as ear candling which is a technique for removing earwax.

Explore our Var scented candle. The scent of spring flowers creates a beautiful ambience whilst the white cedar leaves you and your home feeling clean, refreshed and invigorated. Notes of crisp spring flowers and hints of natural patchouli and white cedar create a clean and crisp atmosphere.

Scented candles create a relaxing and welcoming environment: Have you ever just sat and stared at a candle that was flickering nearby? You've probably noticed that it generates an enjoyable, soothing, and cosy environment. A few carefully positioned candles may help you quickly create a pleasant and intimate ambience in your house. Adding a candle here and there softens the space and makes it feel instantly warmer and more pleasant.

Candles are well-known for their calming and therapeutic effects, and therapists, such as massage therapists, commonly use them to create a peaceful environment in their treatment rooms. With its gorgeous flicker and mellow glow, the simple act of lighting a candle helps to calm and soothe the mind. Light a candle, observe the flame, and simply breathe for a few minutes the next time you're having a stressful day – even 60 seconds may have a major impact.

Aromatherapy candles may help you unwind, feel peaceful, and energised, and focus your thoughts more effectively. Lavender candles will make you calm and relaxed. Candles made of eucalyptus are stimulating and aid focus. Lemon candles are invigorating and can aid in the treatment of anxiety and despair.
Explore our Vild scented candle. Inspired by wild open spaces under a clear night sky the Vild scent will evoke memories of warm summer evening walks with warm vanilla and woodland notes balanced perfectly with fresh mandarin and bergamot notes. Notes of warm vanilla, cedar and sandalwood are offset by fresh and juicy mandarin and bergamot notes.

Scented candles offer a pleasant aroma to any room: Scented candles are a great way to give a lovely scent to your room while also hiding bad odours. Scented candles come in a range of scents, from fruity and sweet; herbal and earthy to airy and clean; woodsy and masculine to flowery and feminine.

Explore our Granatapple scented candle. Unlock memories of warm evening walks in the countryside with our Granatapple scent, juicy pomegranates add a fresh and modern essence which are perfectly offset by smoky Guaiac wood. Notes of fruity Raspberry, Pomegranate, Plum, Rhubarb And Watermelon are perfectly balanced with floral notes of Lily-of-the-valley, Jasmine, Rose, Pink Pepper, Clove, Olibanum, Opoponax And Guaiac Wood all warmed with Virginia Cedar, Patchouli, Musk And Amber

Scent candles will add a touch of romance and pleasure to any room: Candles are a wonderful way to commemorate special occasions such as birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, and much more. Whether you're decorating a cake with candles or hosting a romantic candlelight dinner to commemorate your anniversary with your significant other, candles provide a unique touch to the occasion. Candles make wonderful gifts and are also a wonderful treat for yourself.

Explore our Karlek scented candle. Awaken your passionate emotions with our Karlek scent, fresh and floral notes revive memories of summer ficus in the park and strolls in the flourishing woodlands. Notes of fresh and fruity cassis, freesia, peach, plum, lily and jasmine are supported by warm notes of woody amber, musk and sandalwood.

Candles are beneficial for meditation and prayer: Burning candles to enhance your meditation practice is a great method to use. Many visualisations and manifestation exercises include concentrating your attention on a flame of a candle while sending your thoughts out into the cosmos. You're undoubtedly also aware that candles may be used during prayer.

Explore our Svart Opium scented candle. Captivating and energising the svart opium scent marries warm vanilla notes and powerful coffee beans to awaken your sensual senses. Notes of fresh pear, mandarin orange blossom and white flowers are offset by warm base notes of coffee beans, cedarwood, white musk and patchouli.

Scent candles are a great way to express yourself: Everyone has various scent preferences, just as everyone has varied fashion and music inclinations. Scents smell differently to every one of us. So why not flaunt your originality and flair by lighting your favourite scents?

You should never be embarrassed about what you enjoy, just like you should never be uneasy about your fashion choices. Accept them with open arms; you're allowed to be yourself. And just because another person dislikes your lavender candle doesn't imply it's a bad decision.

Explore our Succes scented candle. Inhabit feelings of style and sophistication with our Succes scent, this luxury fragrance is designed to excite the modern and urban spirited individual. Notes of fruity pineapple, pink pepper, bergamot and blackcurrant, and floral notes of jasmine and patchouli are perfectly balanced with warm notes of birch, ambergris, cedarwood, oakmoss and musk.

Candles with scents help in remembrance and provide peace: We commonly identify a particular scent with a certain event or period in our life since our sense of smell is so tightly tied to memory.

A tobacco scent, for example, may evoke memories of tobacco leaves drying in your grandparents' farm's barn, where you spent summers as a child. Similarly, the scent of pine conjures up recollections of gathering around a Christmas tree. Or how a rose might remind you of a perfume used by your grandmother.

Candles can also be used to memorialize beloved ones who have passed away, in addition to evoking specific memories. Many churches include shrines or altars where a candle can be lit in honour of a loved one. It's a lovely custom to honour the lives of our lost loved ones, as well as a soothing rite for those who are grieving.

Explore our Romvesen scented candle. Exotic and otherworldly the romvesen scent exudes femininity and sensuality with delicate floral notes deepened with woody amber notes. Notes of floral jasmine, fresh dark amber, and exotic Cashmeran wood create a powerful aura.

Your décor will be enhanced by candles: Candles provide a sophisticated touch to every space in your house. You have a lot of options here: you may use delicate colours to bring a gentle touch to any area, or you can go for bright, strong colours to create a large statement.

Candles are incredibly adaptable; they come in a variety of styles and look excellent in any setting. Candles in the bathroom provide a spa-like ambience, while candles strategically arranged throughout your living area create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Meanwhile, candles as the centrepiece of your dining room table create a beautiful candlelit dinner environment, while kitchen candles provide a welcoming ambience while also killing odours.

Explore our Hem scented candle. Bring the spa home with the relaxing scent of hem, This fragrance was designed to evoke feelings of peace and tranquillity whilst creating a fresh ambience for your home. Notes of crisp and fresh mandarin, bergamot and cassis are supported by warm notes of jasmine and violet balanced on a fond of musk, sandalwood and amber creating a calm sanctuary feel


Scented candles are far more than aromatic ornamental pieces after all. Besides being a light source, a candle is a form of self-expression, a way to remember, and a healing aid.

Scandiscents is your one-stop shop for Scented Candles.

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