Do You Need to Trim the Wick of a New Candle?

Do You Need to Trim the Wick of a New Candle?

A candle has two most important components: wax and the wick. If not lit properly, the wick will burn down completely, leaving a well of wax on the side of the glass jar. Or, you might find black smoke residue on the inner surface of the candle jar. Thus, you need to take proper care while burning a candle to allow it to burn smoothly and beautifully. But, how to do it? Experts say that trimming your candle wick can be very beneficial. So, let's learn why you need to trim the wick of your new candle before lighting them.

Why Trimming the Candle Wick is Required?

Did you ever buy a new candle and burn it to find that a layer of soot has ruined its glass jar after some time? It probably happened because the wick of the candle was too long. However, you can avoid it from occurring simply by snipping off the wick of the candle before you light it.

Yes, trimming the wick of a new candle can go a long way. You might have noticed that an untrimmed wick burns in a weird shape and frequently flickers to give more fuel to the candle. As a result, they cause the candle to burn unevenly and exhaust it within a short time.

Trimming the wick to ¼-inch will help prevent large flames that can burn your candle faster. A trimmed wick burns steadily and gives the same even shape. As a result, your candle will last longer. It will also prevent soot or black smoke residue from depositing on the surface of the glass jar. The clean burn will preserve the beauty of your candles. 

Mushrooming of Wick:

If the wick of a candle has not been trimmed for a long time, a clump of carbon builds upon the tip of the wick. Its appearance resembles a tiny mushroom and thus, called "Mushrooming of the wick".

When lit, this carbon buildup causes the flame to burn higher. The flame will also produce more smoke and soot. Trimming the wick before lighting the candle will help prevent these from happening.

Also, if you find blackish deposits on the wax around the wick, use your fingers to pinch out the deposits. These deposits can cause accessory flames to develop and burn out the candle faster.

How to Trim the Wick of a Candle?

When the candle is new and fresh, you can use a pair of scissors to snip off the wick. If you are using a jar candle, the wax and the wick will gradually burn down, making the wick harder to reach. A pair of scissors will probably not serve the purpose then. You can use a nail clipper instead to trim the wick.

If you love to light candles frequently and won't mind investing in an accessory, you might want to get yourself a wick trimmer. A wick trimmer is nothing but a modified scissor that allows a user to snip off the hard-to-reach wicks. You can get them at a low price from any local candle store or buy them online.

What If You Have Snipped the Wick too Short?

Ideally, the candle wick should be trimmed to ¼-inch. But, if you have cut it too short and are having difficulty lighting it up, we have the solution for you.

  • Take a candle lighter or a heat gun and hold the flame close to the wax around the wick to melt it down.
  • Dispose of the melted wax by soaking it up using a paper towel.
  • Let the candle wax cool down.
  • You will find that an adequate length of the wick has been retrieved.
  • If you don't have a heat gun, you can simply use a match stick to melt the candle gradually and then use a knife to scrape off the melted wax. The short wick will be fixed.

The Bottom Line

Lighting your favourite scented candle in your room after a long hard day can be very relaxing. But, if you don't take proper care of the wick, the candle will get exhausted faster. To enjoy the candle's aroma for a long time and maintain its pristine beauty, trimming the wick is essential.


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