• Lavender Essential Oil - For Sleep and Relaxation
  • Lavender Essential Oil - For Sleep and Relaxation
  • Lavender Essential Oil - For Sleep and Relaxation

Lavender Essential Oil - For Sleep and Relaxation

Experience the numerous benefits of our 100% Natural Lavender Essential Oil. Immerse yourself in its calming aroma, soothe your senses, and enjoy its versatile uses for relaxation, sleep support, and skin care.

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Why Lavender?

Lavender essential oil is renowned for its versatile benefits, including:

Improve Relaxation and Sleep: Lavender oil promotes relaxation, eases stress, and aids in achieving restful sleep, making it ideal for bedtime routines and creating a soothing environment.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress: The calming scent of lavender oil helps reduce anxiety, soothe nervousness, and alleviate emotional stress, fostering a sense of tranquility and balance.

Boost your Mood: Lavender oil can uplift mood, promote a positive mindset, and enhance overall well-being, offering a natural mood-boosting effect.

Great for Skin Care: With its antimicrobial properties, lavender oil is often used in skincare to soothe minor skin irritations, calm inflammation, and support a healthy complexion.

Reduce Headaches and Migraines: Inhalation or topical application of lavender oil may help alleviate tension headaches and migraines, providing relief from discomfort.

Open up your airways: Lavender oil's gentle aroma may assist in opening up airways, easing congestion, and supporting respiratory health, especially during times of seasonal allergies or colds.

Reduce minor aches and pains: Lavender oil's analgesic properties can help reduce minor aches, muscle soreness, and discomfort caused by tension.

Keep the bugs away: Lavender oil acts as a natural repellent against certain insects, making it a useful choice for outdoor activities or creating bug-free environments.

How to use

There are multiple ways to utilise our 100% pure lavender oil!

Place the bottle into an essential oil in an electric diffuser.
Alternatively, place 5-7 drops into one of our stunning Wax Burners.

Dilute 5 drops of essential oil with 10ml of carrier oil.
Massage the diluted essential oil into your skin.

Add 6-8 drops of essential oil to warm bathwater.

Add a couple of drops of essential oil to a carrier oil or your chosen lotion.

Add essential oil to soapmaking recipes as instructed.

Add essential oil to candlemaking recipes as instructed.

Add a few drops of essential oil to potpourri creations to enhance scent.


How long does the oil last?

It's impossible to say exactly how long as this depends on how frequently you use it, and on which settings. Generally, with daily use, a single bottle should last around 4 - 6 weeks.

Do I have to use Scandiscents oils or can I use my own?

You can use any oil as long as it fits the diffuser! Please make sure that these are not mixed with any water, or a carrier oil, as this will clog the diffuser and void your warranty. 100% pure oils only.

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    Amazing Product

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    Gill J.
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    Much better than water diffusers!

    “I have several of the old style diffusers that need to add water and grew tired of having to clean them out. Bought the Halo for this very reason. No need for water, just screw in the fragrance all and your good to go. I have mine in the hallway and fragrance filled the entire area and last several hours even after turning off. Only downside is its a little noisy. But slowly plan to phase out all the old diffusers and replace with the Halo as its so convenient and easy to use”

    Deborah L.
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    The customer service is amazing!!

    “the customer service is amazing!! such speedy responses”

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    Great, very simply to use.

    “Great, very simply to use. Going to get another one!”

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    “What an amazing idea, super effective and simply brilliant! Long battery life and easy to use too. I cannot recommend enough...and the scents are out of this world, doing what reed diffusers could never manage to do !”

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    What's not to love ❤️

    “Such a simple but effective idea , the diffuser is small and compact. Once charged, there are no cables to get in the way or determine where you can put it . I purchased one for our home and ended up buying another. We now have an upstairs and downstairs one that can be moved from room to room, just wherever you want the room to smell heavenly. I have considered putting it in my car before a journey and taking it to work. It's easy to use and did I say portable! I absolutely love it!”

    Nicolette B.